Here are the vocabulary terms with the English definitions for this week's test:

Adventures in Japanese 3:

7. ようちえん Kindergarten
8. ぶつり physics
9. かがくchemistry
10. りか science
11. ぶんがく Literature
12. れきし History
13. 〜をそつぎょうする to graduate from (school)
14. せんこうする to major (in)
16. こちらこそ It is I, (not you)
22. おさきに excuse me for going/doing something first
23. しつれいします excuse me I must be going now/Excuse me I'm about to interrupt
28. ちょうしょくbreakfast
29. ちゅうしょくLunch
30. ゆうしょくdinner
39. かえる to change (something)
40. つかうto use

Adventures in Japanese 4:

2. (ご)しゅっしん place of origin
6. ていねい polite
16. よぶ to call for
18. よろしい is good (polite form)
24. ほうもんする to visit
25. ごめんください excuse me is anyone home? (before you enter someone's home)
27. おじゃまします Excuse me (for troubling you)
28. わたす to hand over; pass (to)