Hello! I'm Matthew Green!

I'm going to tell you about some anime that are interesting, fun, and help with learning japanese culture as well as helping you recognize words that you've learned!


Some of these anime may have crude language, violence, and or adult themes.

Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist):

Blue exorcist is an anime about a boy named Rin, and while i cannot say things because of spoilers, lets just say the action starts quickly.
This is a great anime to learn about basic adjectives, heck, i learned how to say blue just from the title.

(Ages 13+)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime that may not take place in this world, but it is AMAZING at teaching japanese culture. It's my favorite anime
of ALL TIME simply because of its creative storyline, relatable characters, and its ability to be serious, funny, and action packed without losing
ANY of its drive for the others.

(Ages 13+)

Sergeant Frog (Keroro Gunso):

Sgt. Frog is an anime about an alien race that invades earth, but the worst part is... They suck at their job. This anime taught me more about
japanese culture than the book about it my mom got, simply because it keeps your attention.

(Ages 15+)

Soul Eater:

Soul eater is a fighting anime with an odd idea behind it, that each person is either a weapon, or a meister. Weapons well, they turn into weapons.
Meister's use the weapons. But when a meister and a weapon can connect on a personal level, only then can they reach their fullest potential and power.
This anime was especially good at teaching words for me at least, simply because of the prominence of them using some names for basic purposes.

(Ages 15+)

Sword Art Online:

This anime teaches a lot about japanese words, as well as has a lot of things to read, making it easy to practice hiragana.

(Ages 15+)

If you have Netflix, lucky you! You can watch all of these (with the exception being Blue Exorcist and Sword Art Online) with their instant watching service!
Otherwise, feel free to watch all of them (except Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) here!
1: Hit Control (Apple if your on a mac) + F
2: Type in the anime you want to watch.
3: The browser your using will automatically find it for you!