International Day at Lunch:
Sharing Japanese Food and Culture

Friday, April 26

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to prepare and share an authentic Japanese dish, and to promote cross-cultural understanding in the Jerome community.

Types of Food: You may prepare any authentically Japanese food item. Try to choose something that can be safely stored and served at room temperature, since refrigerator and oven access are very limited.

Amount of Food: Divide your food into at least 12 individual servings. One serving should be enough to fill an individual cupcake paper or small paper cup.

Where should food be stored? Bring food to C104 by 7:45 on the morning of International Day in order to receive credit.

  • Decide what food you would like to bring. You must check with your teacher to make sure that the food will work for this assignment.
  • You may buy your food at a Japanese grocery store instead of making a recipe yourself, if you provide proof of your shopping trip!
  • Make sure to label any dishes, utensils, etc. that you bring in to ensure that you get them back.
  • For safety, you must include a card showing either the recipe or the ingredients list for your food. This card will be displayed along with your food.

  • Your food item, properly divided and delivered on time – 20 points
  • Recipe/Ingredient list card – 10 points