1.) Q:What is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made out of rice?
A: Japanese sake

2.)Q:What holiday is celebrated in Japan on March 3rd?
A:Doll's Festival, also known as girl's festival.

3.)Q:What kind of government does Japan have?
A:Constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government.

4.)Q:What are the 5 main islands?

5.)Q:What's the name of the tallest mountain in Japan?
A: Mount Fuji

6.)Q:What is the tallest skyscraper in Japan?
A:Tokyo Sky Tree

7.)Q:On Valentine's Day which gender gives the other gender chocolate?
A:The females give the males chocolate.

8.)Q:Which side of the road are cars driven in Japan?
A:On the left side.

9.)Q:What is the legal age to drive in Japan?
A:18 years old.

10.)Q:What currency is used in Japan?

11.)How do you write the kanji for Showa and Heisei?
A: 昭和と平成

12.)Q: What are some traditional breakfast items/meals?
A: Rice, miso soup, fried fish, and pickles.

13.)Q: What are some common car companies in Japan?
A: Toyota, Honda, Hundai, Mitsubishi.

14.)Q: What are some famous Japanese authors of the last decade?
A: Kenzaburo Oe, Haruki Murakami, Hisashi Inoue, and Hiromi Kawakami.

15.)Q: What are some famous Japanese novels?
A: Norwegian Wood, I Am a Cat, Kafka on the Shore, A Wild Sheepchase, and Snow Country.

16.)Q: Name four Japanese children folk tales.
A: Momotarou, Urashimatarou, Sarukanigassen.

17.Q: What's the difference a between kimonos and yukatas?
A: yukatas are typically worn during the summer becau