Students who started studying Japanese as 8th graders may want to continue to take Japanese class through their senior year, but there is no official Japanese 5 course currently offered within the district. Fortunately, there is a procedure in place to request an independent study option. Here is the Dublin City Schools general information on Credit Flex.

Even if you are planning on requesting permission to do an independent study course, you need to request a full schedule of other courses for your senior year. If you would like to plan your own independent study course, you will need to submit this application form along with a detailed plan at the beginning of the school year. Your plan will be reviewed by the guidance department, administration, and the academic department in which you would like to receive credit (i.e. World Languages) at that time. Your application may need some editing based on recommendations from these reviewers, but when it is approved your schedule can be adjusted to remove a course. It is imperative that you make schedule requests that will still give you a solid finish to your high school career even if independent study ends up not working out!

Three students were approved for an independent study Japanese 5/AP preparation course at Coffman for the 2012-13 school year, and we can look at their plan to get an idea of what you might put into your proposal. They bought the textbook Further Adventures in Japanese and planned together to set a pace that would have them finish the textbook before the AP exam date. Their proposal required them to meet with Allen-sensei regularly to take practice tests, and also required them to take the AP exam.