The documents below are charts of characters that students are expected to study during Summer 2013. At the beginning of the Fall Semester, each continuing level will take a review test which will include the Summer Homework characters as well as the characters that were studied in the previous course or courses. This homework, as well as this test, will be common to all Japanese II, III, and IV courses district-wide beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.

Why the Summer Homework? As with your other courses, it is important that you continue practicing Japanese through the summer so that your skills stay fresh. Additionally, as Rockelman-sensei and Allen-sensei work to plan for the long-term, we want you to have the skills to do well on the AP Japanese Exam at the end of Japanese 4 Honors, so it is important that you have studied all of the characters included on the AP Kanji List. The combination of the kanji that you study during the school year and your summer homework will get you there! Each of the following files is a printable PDF, but the kanji are also linked to their entries on the Japanese site. These separate entries show a very clear handwritten version of each character, so please check them out as you study! Two characters in the Summer Homework do not have entries on that site: 短い(みじかい)in the Japanese 2 list, and 絡(らく)in the Japanese 4 list.

Here's your homework if you're going to be in Japanese 2.
Here's your homework if you're taking Japanese 3.
And here's the list for the really impressive people taking Japanese 4 Honors.